Refund Policy

YTS Refund and Cancellation Policy:

As everything at YTS.Media is the service of an intangible and irrevocable product, the refund policy applies only until the order is accomplished and the product is issued. For our consumers, it is important to know and understand this provision before purchasing any item from our site.

Hence, we honor refund requests based on the following criteria:

Non-delivery of the product:

On occasion, processing times can be slower, which may result in delays in order fulfillment. If you come across any delays, we recommend getting in touch with us for assistance.

Report any non-delivery concerns to our support team within 72 hours of ordering in writing.

Otherwise, the campaign will be considered completed. If your order delivery has commenced, it will be completed as soon as possible, and no refunds will be issued once the order has entered the processing stage.

Product not-as-described:

Issues must be reported to the support department within 72 hours of purchase. Clear evidence is needed to show the product doesn't match its online description.

False expectations or wishes won't be honored. Our team offers professional assistance promptly. Thank you for choosing us.